Laptop Charger 20V/3.25A 65W for HP

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Laptop Charger 20V/3.25A 65W for HP

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Premium Outlook: Ultra slim design for easy storage and portability and Up to 92% efficiency

Powerful Output: 65W 20V/3.25A perfect complement to lightweight and portable laptops

Easy-Use: 2 charger tips (I and M Tips) compatible with HP Laptop

Safety Use: over-voltage/short circuit /over-temperature protection/ output current limited

What you get: A POWERocker Black Laptop Charger, 2 interchangeable tips, 1 Carrying Case, 1 User Guide and 18 Months Warranty

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With POWERocker, Charge, is no longer a burden.

No more worry about carrying your laptop power bricks, enjoy our portable POWERocker!


POWERocker® fits in a pocket and is designed to make it easy for you to stay charged up when you're on the road. Travel, or on business, only need to bring a POWERocker laptop charger can meet the demand laptop charging.



Mini laptop travel charger. Small, even can be put into your pocket. Light, equivalent of the weight of two eggs.



No more worry the input voltage, since POWERocker support AC 100-240V input. Easy-to-use, you can make it easy even without manual.



*Body size: 69x49x24mm

* Body weight: 93g (cables excluded)

* Power output: 65W (20V 3.25A)

* Voltage input: 100-240V

* Efficiency: 92% (Typical value)


Easy to Operate:

1. For the cases that no power supply is available.
2. Insert the adapter connector as the direction indicated (anti-reverse connection design)
3. Rotates the power plug to the lock position and connects it to the wall socket or connection panel.
4. Connects the adapter connector to the laptop and startup the laptop.

Notes: Adapter plug means the part of the adapter which is connected with the socket while adapter connector refers to the part connecting the laptop. The adapter works properly if the laptop power indicator is lit up.